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Black Scrolls Games has released 10 sample tiles of their Cities of the Black Scrolls set.

Click here and download them now!

The content of this product:

 - Three levels of one of the houses (basement, 1st floor, roofs)
+ night version of the basement
- Basement of the blacksmith building
- 2 tiles of the Throne Room
- 3 fortress tiles: Corner, straight and courtyard areas

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Troll Lord Games

Happy Holidays!

Greetings from the Dens! The holiday season is upon us and our biggest storewide sale starts now. 50% off Everything

That means the Players Handbook, Castle Keepers Guide, Monsters & Treasure, Storyteller's Dictionary, Thesaurus, Maps, Supplements, Adventures

Everything 50% off!

This lasts only through Tuesday, December 19th so get your order in now!

And from everyone at Troll Lord Games, Happy Holidays to each and every one of you..

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Fat Dragon Games

Our annual Christmas sale is ON. Save 20-50% on all FDG terrain sets!

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Fat Dragon Games

MEGA BUNDLE DEAL! Get $154.00 of terrain for only $20.47!

For a few days only, save over 80% on a massive bundle of papercraft terrain. DON'T MISS OUT!

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Looking for players: ATB, a retro future game

Hi folks,

I'm thinking of running a one-on-one game in a rules light setting.It would be set in the future, so robots, ray guns, etc. However, it would have a 30s / 50s feel to it, and would be based in the United Kingdom. Think the old black & white Flash Gordon meets 50s sci-fi features type of thing. The game will have some adult/horror elements to it.

In terms of characters, I'm after every day kinda folk: office worker, parent, shop staff, scientist, teacher, mechanic, police officer, or crook, perhaps. That type of thing.

As the game will be fairly freeform, I'd ask ask you to pick five skills your character is good at. Maybe cooking, fixing things, cu...

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