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Expeditious Retreat Press

26 Feb 2017

Posted by KitKatMan in Hear Ye Hear Ye
Sunday 26th Feb.

There's only 3 days left in the current Bundle of Holding featuring 15 Advanced Adventures(modules for 1e, but usable with any OSR system). You can pick up 15 great OSR modules for only $16.5 and support Reading is Fundamental at the same time (10% of sales after fees go to RIF). Don your armor and join the adventure!


Thanks for your support of Old-School Gaming!

Joseph Browning
Expeditious Retreat Press

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Precis Intermedia

20 Feb 2017

Posted by KitKatMan in Hear Ye Hear Ye
City in the Mirage
Go on the adventure of a lifetime! Embark on a journey over the desert by airship, visit the small Erisian town of Sweetwater, continue with a perilous overland trek, explore the ancient ruins of the invisible city, and contend with the dangers that lurk within it. This adventure for Exiled in Eris is available in both PDF and Softcover formats (pre-order the softcover and download the PDF to read while you wait).

For more information, click here.

The Amazing Pulp/Noir Bundle
Get four great Pulp/Noir roleplaying games at one discounted price: Bloodshadows Third Edition, Two-Fisted Tales Revised, Exiled in Eris, and Mean Streets.

For more information, click here.

The Maelstrom Storytelling Collection
Get the original Maelstrom Storytelling RPG (dogbound edition), along with the Dacartha Prime supplement and Story Engine Plus Edition (revised rules) at one low price.

For more information, click here.

The Atomik Sci-Fi Bundle
Get Atomik Psioniks, Alienz, and Cybertek for all your generic sci-fi add-on needs at one low price.

For more information, click here.

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11 Feb 2017

Posted by KitKatMan in Hear Ye Hear Ye
Modern and Ruined Library

DramaScape Modern Volume 67
This product is two 24 x 30 inch, Battlemaps of a Library , it has Hex, Square and No Overlays, it also includes the VTT files for online play.
“Time travelers know of a place where all time related and historical questions can be answered, a library preserved in a bubble outside of time itself that contains all the knowledge we have accumulated throughout our travels. But it’s a 50-50 shot. Half the people that try to make it there get sent to a ruined version of the library near the end of time itself, a post-apocalyptic hellscape just before the death of the universe. Thus we usually send only the oldest time travelers to take the risk, as their knowledge is greatest to add to library and lifelines shortest if they miss.”—Time Traveler
Modern and Ruined Library includes two interior maps. One map is of a modern library with computers and laptops and the other map is of a ruined modern library.
Modern and Ruined Library is intended for use in modern or post-apocalyptic games.
Below is the link for 50% off, the link expires on Sunday Feruray 12th
Thanks for supporting DramaScape

Special price for Modern and Ruined Library: $1.99 (click the link to apply the discount)

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Troll Lord Games

07 Feb 2017

Posted by KitKatMan in Hear Ye Hear Ye
Plunder The Dens! Through Friday you can save 50% on ALL our titles!

Expires Friday!

You'll find tons of gaming fun in our sale, as all our books are on sale for a limited time.

Shop Now!

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