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You are a newly minted Ensign straight out of Starfleet Academy and are on your way to your dream assignment - The USS Destiny - Mako class. The Destiny is the newest most advanced ship in the Fleet. The fastest, the most powerful ship the Federation has ever built. A ship of peace. A ship of war. A shining beacon of hope in the coldest darkest depths of space. Equipped with a new DNA based computer AI that runs the majority of the ship's systems, crewed only by the best and the brightest and captained by the legendary Rennek of Vulcan. The Destiny is currently at a secret location awaiting the rest of it's crew complement to arrive before shakedown trials begin. Do you dare stand up to be counted, to raise yourself to the highest levels of commitment and excellence that the flagship of the Federation demands?

The aim of the game will be irreverent and humourous. Mainly freeform with the odd diceroll for, well, mainly when I feel like it to be honest. I'll work out a few base stats and be good to go. Just gauging interest at this point. So if you want to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilisations whilst trying not to die horribly after being sent on a tragically misguided away mission by your captain, who's just sat up in orbit in his big comfy armchair letting the others take the risks for him, again, dreaming of the Admirality or just wondering if the bean juice stain on the front of your uniform is really that noticable when being dressed down by the XO, who appears unable to do anything more than shout at people in a voice weighing in at 120 decibels, or if the Borg are sexually frustrated and that their mantra of Resistance is Futile is actually a really poor chat up line then this could be the game for you... Let me know... 

Freeformish sounds right up my alley ..though I'm rusty, very rusty

I'm sure we can oil you up real nice  :angel:

oo er misses

The information is very good offline.


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