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Call of Cthulhu game

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Either - whichever you would prefer.

the only difference to me is that 7th edition is now %. I can live with either 6th or 7th... 6th might be easier?

Early Bird:
Good to see you back here Cear.  As you know,I always enjoy Cthulhu games, but I am not familiar with what you are suggesting.  I would be interested in your game if you could talk me through it very patiently as I am very rusty with roleplaying by now  :cthulhu:

Well I'm certainly excited about this possible game.

Right-oh then, so we have KKM, Greyguard, Espatier and EB.

If someone can set up a sub-forum, I'll get the game underway towards the middle of next week.

The system is straightforward and is designed not to get in the way of the game. The better you are at doing something the higher percentage chance you have to succeed. Simply roll under or equal to your skill to succeed. For those unsure of character creation, I can either puppy-walk you through the process, or if you prefer, give you pre-gens.

As has been said, 6th edition is the more tried and tested system, though 7th edition ain't difficult to pick up either. But as a preference for 6th has been stated already, we can go with that.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the world where terrifying beings lurk unseen by any but the most unfortunate souls, those who would never be believed if they ever said anything.




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