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Just a "Fixer" looking to make some quick cash..

I just need a medic, a few solos and ...oh yes, a G.M. to run it.

HANDLE: credit stick charlie
ROLE: Fixer
INT [ 9 ] REF [ 9 ] TECH [ 5 ] COOL [ 9 ]
ATTR [ 5 ] LUCK [ 2 ] MA [ 2 ] BODY [ 5 ]
EMP [ 5 ] Humanity [ 50 ]
Run [ 6 ] Leap [ 1.5 ]
Lift (kgs) [ 200 ] Lift (lbs) [ 440 ]
Carry (kgs) [ 50 ] Carry (lbs) [ 110 ]
SAVE [5] BTM [-2]
Streetdeal [ 10 ]
Awareness / Notice [ 10 ]
Forgery [ 8 ]
Handgun [ 2 ]
Brawling [ 2 ]
Persuasion and Fast Talk [ 8 ]
Clothes: High Fashion
Hair: Neat, short
Affectations: Mirrorshades
Ethnicity: Black American
Language: Blackfolk
Family Ranking: Corporate Executive
Family Status: Something happened to one or both parents; your parent(s) were murdered
Childhood Environment: On a corporate controlled farm or research facility
Older, Female: Sibling Likes You
Older, Male: Sibling Neutral Towards You
Personality Traits: Shy and secretive
Valued Person: Yourself
Value Most: Power
Feel About People: Every person is a valuable individual
Valued Posses...Just themselves.
32. Romance. Happy Love Affair.
33. Romance. Fast affairs and Hot Dates.
34. Make an Enemy. Male. Childhood enemy. Caused the other to lose face or status. They hate you. Rip into them verbally. A Large corporation.
35. Make an Enemy. Male. Ex lover. Turned down the other's offer of job or romantic involvement. The feeling's mutual. Rip into them verbally. An entire gang.
36. Romance. Happy Love Affair.
37. Romance. Happy Love Affair.
38. Make a Friend. An old lover (choose which one). Gender of friend: female
39. You Get Lucky. Favor with a Powerful Corporate Executive. They owe you a favor
40. You Get Lucky. Favor with a Powerful Corporate Executive. They owe you a favor
41. Disaster Strikes. Illness or addiction. You have contracted either an illness or drug habit in this time. Lose 1 point of REF permanently as a result.
42. Make an Enemy. Male. Partner or co-worker. Caused a physical disability. They hate you. Rip into them verbally. Them and a few friends.

e$1200 for Fixer gear

everyone gets some free gear: one set of clothes, a respirator, cell phone and Night City Metro card

Neuralware processor 1k
200.00 left

total equipment:
one set of clothes ( any choice of style here? )
cell phone
Night City Metro card

dont forget to roll a 1 d 6 for your humanity loss for installing the prosessor.


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