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Cyberpunk 2020 (in 2017)

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Dr OcCuLt:

i'm musing on running a cyberpunk 2020 game. yes i know it 2017 and the dark future didn't happen, but it maybe fun to go back to the 90's to play in the future which is the now.  :borg:

if you want to play or have any thoughts on the matter feel free to post.

<----Night City News----. Today will be sunny with a high of 31c with low air quality, Respirators are strongly advised for any one out side. In International News Rebel Forces have reportedly taken positions south of the capital of the New Ugandan Republic. The countries president denies a split with the Militech corporation and say the rebels will be force back soon. In Local News an alt right mother group is protesting the opening of a new gallery in Little Akihabara claiming that the work titled machiine wonnb is obscene. In Business News the EuroDollor has fallen 6 cents against the PanAsinYen, NASDAC is up 240 points after the merger of CT intel systems and AVX robotics. for more news stay tuned to NCN.>

Dr. O... I love the green banner!

Yes, I would love to make a character for a CP2020 game. I believe that Kitman usually plays a medic, so I"ll play a "fixer" type then.

I'd be up for it!!

I'd like to play a Solo or Nomad - whichever works best in your game :D

yep count me inn as a medic.

what level are you wanting.

"Dude you got your leg blown off"
"keep shooting"
"dune your other leg was blown of"
"keep shooting"
"ow the shot just scrathed me" Faints.
"keep shooting" me.

Kitman - Medic
Espatier - Fixer
CG - Solo / Nomad

" I love it when a plan comes together "
Col Hannibal A-Team


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