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Cyberpunk 2020 (in 2017)

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Dr OcCuLt:
im fine with you having two expert skills.

i'm fine for score books at the moment. as the setting night city (and making a lot of changes from the core book any way) it just source books have random gear stats, there fair use calm for PMing limited scans of pages but probably don't need to. and now CD project red has the rights probably best to push luck on the copyright.

as for a name the Neon Darkness, the Neon City, the Crome City all of which are bad (or good names for hipster prog rock albums)

Jumble time.
how about the chrome neon darkness.

Dr OcCuLt:
very sorry i've had a hectic weekend so not had a chance to respond, thanks to CrustyGeek and kitkatman for PM'ing the character sheets. as for a name i think have to put it under some thing generic like cyberpunk: night city. one last question what do admin think about swearing in the game, as i started writing i realised i was swearing in dialogue and don't know if this breaks the forum guidelines, if someone tells me i'll edit it to less bad cussing.

I'm an adult, it doesn't bother me and I have no kids at my home as well.

We have a 13+ sign up so it should not be a problem.

I will set up the forum for you.

And we can change the forum later if you find a name.

if you can Set a ooc up in the main forum for any other questions general chat etc.


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