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Cyberpunk 2020 (in 2017)

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Dr OcCuLt:
Level wise looking at starting every one with 51 stats points and half cash for gear. So low end. as what class depends on what way you want to take it. solo maybe better but i can find away to get a nomad to work.

i'll probably be starting the game some time next week as there's still some stuff to sort out. but having an idea of class is good as i can think of ways to fold them into the plot.

Sounds fab! I'll go with Solo :D

the character gen does not have equipment or cash so can you give us a cash number and which books we can buy out of we have nearly every one.

Dr OcCuLt:
i only have the core book at the moment (i'm kicking my self i've lost my copy of Solo Of Fortune) any gear from the core book is good, but if you want some thing from another books just run it past me first.

as for character
51 stat point
cash for gear is by class basis
e$1800 for Solo gear
e$1200 for Fixer gear
e$1300 for Medtechie gear
e$1000 for Nomad gear
everyone gets some free gear: one set of clothes, a respirator, cellphone and Night City Metro card

Can we draw from sourcebook?

wildside, chrome,  etc


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