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The Age of Steam - Tales from Company B (Freeform)

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Locke Taelos:
A good while back, I started a freeform roleplaying game here called The Age of Steam.  It had a lot of players and a whole bunch of different plots going on.  It was a really great time and I really love the universe that I created for it.  However...lately I've been a little obsessed with secret organizations and witchhunters and various other groups that are trying to identify, categorize, and deal with the supernatural.    A steampunk version of the Men in Black perhaps. 

This game would have a lot of steampunk gadgets and gizmos.  It would have a lot of airships, steamships, trains, and mechanical horses.  There will be gun fights with members of the occult,  wars with wizards and the undead, and of course great mysteries and archaeological findings.   However instead of having a major story that branches off into separate stories...this will be based on one mission at a time.   The people that join this game will be part of this recruits if you will as the organization is just being created.

However because it is a newly created organization with only minimal backing from the government, the characters will not have backup or some sort of extraordinary arsenal or gear to go exploring with.  It's a very grass roots kind of thing.  Their actions will dictate the future of Company B, although honestly I think it's always going to be a kind of shadow organization whose existence is denied. 

Characters might die.  These missions are set to plunge the characters into a realm of understanding that most know very little about.  The country in which this story takes place, Deloth, is a country that believes solely on steampunk technology.  While some other countries might embrace magic over tech or even strive for a balance, Deloth is completely against magic.    Company B's existence is to make sure that anything supernatural or monstrous remains outside of their country.   There is no threat. There is no need to panic.   Deloth is a safe place to live.   It's your job to make it happen. 

"Lethodar norn qaziem aran kair" (The Road to Duty is Paved with Valor) - Company B's Motto

I'll post some more information if people are interested in playing.  In terms of can have veteran soldiers, specialists such as archaeologists and scientists, medical people such as doctors, or even outlandishly crazy inventors and the like.   The setting is a little more fantasy than a Cthulhu game. 

So let me know and if you have any questions before I post anything about the game please ask.

I'm interested in this and I would like to make a character that works with trains?

Locke Taelos:
I'm actually surprised I got a response!  You certainly could have a character that has knowledge/works with trains.   I was hoping to have a little more interest before going further with this though.

I will throw my bowler in to the ring. Not sure character concept yet, will go into some research.

Locke Taelos:
Okay.  If anyone else is interested go ahead and reply.  I'm going to be leaving town tomorrow evening and won't be back until Sunday evening.  I might be able to finish some of the information before I leave Thursday, but in case I don't expect to see it Monday.   I'll see what I can do in posting a story snippet and some background before I leave though.  Thanks!


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