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Locke Taelos:
Waiting on information as to where I can post the game.  In the meantime, my character that will be joining you two (or more if people still want to jump in there is still time...)

Name: Nathaniel Winters

Age: 24
Gender: Male

Citizenship: Deloth

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Occupation: Scholar/Anthropologist

Clothing: Victorian suit

Weapons: Pen knife

Skills: BoS in Anthropology with a focus on Ancient Elven civilizations.  Reading and writing. 

Flaws: Glorifies and obsesses over ancient elven artifacts.  Dry and anti-social. Inexperienced.

Stats (Order from importance to character.  1 being of little importance and 7 being of most importance)
Strength: 3 (He has done a great deal of heavy lifting as far as equipment is concerned.  Lots of treks and camping have helped as well.)
Perception:  7 (His quiet demeanor and training in studying ruins has aided his investigation in ancient civilizations)
Endurance: 4 (Constant studying, enduring intense locations during his apprenticeships and traveling have helped him to be quite the survivalist)
Charisma: 1 (It's not that he's ugly or couldn't charm someone. It's just that he doesn't try and doesn't care what people think.  He loves civilization much more when it's been dead for several hundred years and nearly forgotten.)
Intelligence: 6 (He is a scholar at heart. )
Agility: 2 (He's not really agile, but he doesn't fall on his face for comedy relief either.)
Luck: 5 (It takes a lot of luck to actually find useful remnants of civilizations long buried by time.  Or maybe it's skill...)

Background: (To be filled out I would assume)

Senator Armand Wolfe is Nathaniel Winters' uncle (on his mother's side of course).  Nathan's mother has long since passed and Armand is one of the few blood relatives that he has left.  This doesn't mean much to Nathan, however, as he has been very busy in life, especially after schooling, and prefers to keep as far away from the bothers of family as possible.   When the courier trekked across the desert to provide Nathan with an invitation to his uncle's manor in Deloth, well, that seemed incredibly strange to him.  He concluded that Uncle Armand must be sick and wished to gather family for his final goodbyes.  Armand hated relatives as much as Nathan did, but respected the standoffish nature of his nephew.  It was probably because Nathan never bothered to ask anyone, including his uncle, for money. 

The contents of the invitation were cryptic and certainly not the sort of thing you would expect a dying relative to say (unless he was delirious) so Nathan went and found himself with two other men in the parlor room of his Uncle's home.    Nathan would generally ignore the other two men and would generally be reading something that he picked up from his uncle's library. 

Note: Elves no longer reside in Deloth or anywhere. Consider them a world power like the ancient Egyptians.  Most of the civilized world was actually nothing but slaves or peasants to them and feared them greatly.  There was a terrible apocalyptic situation that literally called for the Elves to rescue most of the world, but they were never seen again.   Most of humanity has since rewritten history about the elves and very little of anything nice is ever said about them (for good reason if you examine history).  There are, however, half elves that exist today.  Most people don't really like them either and they're considered sub-human in most cases.   But they're all that's remains of the elven civilization.

Dwarves, which is important to Gehe's character, are kind of primative and tribalistic and mostly found in Spydaria which is covered in jungles and rain forests.  It's sort of like Africa in an actual Victorian setting. Deloth is trying to throw in colonies, but it's not going very well.  Dwarves have their own things going on, but not much is known about them what with the language barriers and cultural differences.  Plus...dwarves still crack a lot of heads in this setting as they do any other.  )

Great write up of my character.

Locke Taelos:
Thanks guys.  In the Modern RP section there is a Steampunk section for our roleplay.

I am starting to make a kind of compendium that you can go through in order to pick up some information about the game. It's not finished yet, but you might find some good stuff in there.  I suppose I can get this started on this unless anyone wants to convince anyone else to join in. :D Haha.  What do you guys think?  I can accommodate the first mission for just a couple people. 

"Lord" (Baron) Alonso Scoot Gehe is ready outside the manor, ready to be received. He will be wondering why he was called before Senator Armand Wolfe!.


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