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The Age of Steam - Tales from Company B (Freeform)

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Character concept idea

The age of steam
Country: Ruthenium (resembles the United States of America )
A neighboring country that shares Deloth’s ideology in the fight against the supernatural. The language spoken is a form of Deloth (english) but as this country split away years ago after being a colony, the English wasn’t spoken as a “proper” or as the king or queen’s English. Ruthenium is a country that is known for taking refugees and has become a country “melting pot” of different smaller countries but not without its own problems.
Name: Baron Alonso Scoot Gehe, VD (Voodoo / Witch Doctor / Alchemical)
Degrees: Mechanical Engineering and Steam theory   
Codename: Lich Aka “The Dark one”, Baron Voodoo
Age: 30ish?
AOE:  Occult Books (Hobby) and Dark Spells
Voodoo (Spirits) / Hoodoo (herbalism), Alchemical, Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals.
Note -
Self-appointed Baron and Witch Doctor titles.
I see him as an industrialist that has made his money on the backs of others

Corporal Jameson Winchester Rothschild
retired Army Officer in Her Royal Army
Explorer of the Dark Continent, Amazonian Jungle and climber of numerous mountain chains.
black bowler, double-breasted waistcoat, black pants, white shirt, monocle, black boots,
steam punk items
left glove over hand
steam pistol
kukri from mountain clan,
ebony bladed boot dagger from the dark continent
sharp shooter
natural linguist

always right /over confident with skills

Classy touch... I like the image that you painted

Locke Taelos:
I hadn't quite anticipated characters actually being created before I got back from vacation (sorry for the delay, btw).   The spirit of the characters are fine although I can adjust them to better fit the universe that the game takes place in. 

Name: Corporal Jameson Winchester Rothschild

Gender: Male

Citizenship: Deloth

Eye Color:

Hair Color:

Occupation: Retired, Ex-military officer / Currently amateur explorer and mountain climber (despite bloated tales of grandeur)

Clothing: black bowler, double-breasted waistcoat, black pants, white shirt, monocle, black boots, left glove over hand.

Weapons: Revolver, Ebony bladed boot dagger.

Skills: Leadership, Delothian military tactics, logistics, reading and writing, hand-to-hand combat, horse back riding, small arms combat.

Flaws: Know-it-All, Arrogant

Stats (Order from importance to character.  1 being of little importance and 7 being of most importance)
Strength: 2 (He doesn't sound like the kind of guy that relies on brute force, but still in shape)
Perception:  5 (He's a good shot, but if he needs a monocle he must not have the best eye sight)
Endurance: 6 (For an aging man, he must be in pretty great shape to do what he's doing)
Charisma: 1 (People hate know-it-alls.  This guy is probably the General Custer of officers.  He might think he's a gentleman, but others will probably see him as a bit of a jerk.)
Intelligence: 4 (He's inquisitive, but I kinda feel like the always right kinda weakens his intellect a bit)
Agility: 3 (He's not suffering from arthritis)
Luck: 7 (Any veteran officer that decides to trek mountains and explore the world must be pretty lucky)

Background: (To be filled out I would assume)

Jameson Winchester Rothschild retired recently from military service for the King.   He has a comfortable pension and a desire to spend the rest of his days exploring and perhaps making a name for himself in the history books.  Unbeknownst to him he has also been targeted by an upcoming Delothian agency that wishes his service.   After receiving an invitation to the home of Senator Armand Wolfe, Armand finds himself sitting in a parlor room waiting for the Senator to see him.  The invitation was as cryptic as it was intriguing.  It promised danger along with an opportunity to explore life's unexplained mysteries.  If it was from anyone other than a reputable politician, Jameson would probably have been a lot more skeptical. 

*Keep in mind that just because he is super low in the Charisma department doesn't mean he can't talk to someone and get favorable results.  It's more of a gauge for character development.  If I see him being a smooth talker all of a sudden I'm going to raise an eyebrow considering the type of character you've developed.

Name:  "Lord" (Baron) Alonso Scoot Gehe

Age: 36
Gender: Male

Citizenship: Deloth

Eye Color:

Hair Color:

Occupation: Industrialist



Skills: Knowledge of External Combustion (Steam), Mechanical Engineering (BoS), Amateur Alchemist

Flaws: Fascination of witchcraft and Dwarven spiritism

Stats (Order from importance to character.  1 being of little importance and 7 being of most importance)
Strength: 1 (He doesn't appear to be a laborer in any way, shape, or form )
Perception:  6 (While most Delothians live in their homes comfortable and mundane...Alonso is different. He perceives truth.)
Endurance: 3 (He's able to endure long sleepless nights of study)
Charisma: 5 (Being an industrialist, he should be fairly charismatic)
Intelligence: 7 (He's quite the scholar)
Agility: 2 (He doesn't appear to be much of a gymnist)
Luck: 4 (You don't become a self proclaimed Baron without a little bit of luck)

Background: (To be filled out I would assume)

They call him "Lord" or "Baron" Gehe.  Perhaps its the aura of importance that he carries with him everywhere he goes.  Perhaps its the money that he has and the successful business ventures in the railroad industry.  Or perhaps its the fact that there is something quite unusual about Alonso Gehe.  It's not that he's out of the ordinary, but it's just the way he thinks.  Outside the box?  What a strange man, but what genius isn't? 

The real question is whether or not any of that strangeness has made its way to the King.   Everyone in Deloth knows that magic is forbidden.  It just gums up all of the machines and alters the beloved physics that science desperately requires to function.   It's the sort of thing that made Gehe ask the question of all questions in the first place.  Why?  Why can't it coexist?  Without any true understanding the people of Deloth just consider the options as clear as black and white and good and evil. 

So why then did Gehe suddenly get an invitation to visit Senator Armand Wolfe of all people?  Did he know? Was this some sort of blackmail scheme for funding Wolfe's political campaign? Highly unlikely.  And the invitation itself.  To discover the great unknowns of the world and ascertain their danger to the King and Country.  Bizarre.  But it couldn't hurt to see what it was all about.   And that's what the good Baron is doing.  He's waiting in Wolfe's parlor room to see just what he's gotten himself into.  He has a good feeling about this though.   This is the sort of thing he might have jumped at in another life.

Okay, I hope you guys don't mind that I sort of changed your character sheets.  I didn't fill in some things and you can alter the background however you see fit, but I figured I would use it to set up the current situation of your characters so far.  I only really want characters from the country of Deloth.  And magic is forbidden so all of these characters won't really have to much of an understanding or prior knowledge to some of the things they are about to discover.  But I like this current cast of characters.  I would like to have at least one more of the female persuasion, but hey what can you do?  I'll probably be adding a character of my own to round it out. 

I love it!


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