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Looking for players: ATB, a retro future game

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Hi folks,

I'm thinking of running a one-on-one game in a rules light setting.It would be set in the future, so robots, ray guns, etc. However, it would have a 30s / 50s feel to it, and would be based in the United Kingdom. Think the old black & white Flash Gordon meets 50s sci-fi features type of thing. The game will have some adult/horror elements to it.

In terms of characters, I'm after every day kinda folk: office worker, parent, shop staff, scientist, teacher, mechanic, police officer, or crook, perhaps. That type of thing.

As the game will be fairly freeform, I'd ask ask you to pick five skills your character is good at. Maybe cooking, fixing things, customer service, being shifty, etc. I'm interested in character background and if you'd like to know more about the setting, please ask below or PM me.


I could dip a tentative toe

Fresh meat for the grinder. *ahem* I mean, excellent, a volunteer! :-D That's one person at least.

By all means think of it as tentative. If I remember correctly, we played the Dark Age stuff by ear, as it where. One-on-one seems to work best for folk, so everyone goes at their own speed.


Black and white Flash Gordon? Not GORDONNNNNN'SSSS ALLIIIIIIVVVVEEE!!! Flash Gordon?

Oh go on then.... :p


It's a no from me.... :-)

Ah, g'wan tho. So that makes two.


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