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Looking for players: ATB, a retro future game

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I've been away on holiday for a bit, so there's been no progress. Plus, just had my first week back at work. Meh :-)

I'm waiting on the others to finish their characters, but you can dive in if you've an idea.

If you're still looking for players id love to join ;)


Well, at the mo it's Ty and me involved, so I'll say there's room. Please drop me a PM and we'll see where that takes us. Thanks for being interested.

I was actually working on a character for ATB. I'm stuck trying to figure out a good backstory for her, but once I have that I'll send it to you. I'm going to look over Tyrion's character and see if that shakes my brain loose.

I've got your PM. Thanks for passing that on. I'll take a look and open up a thread when we're ready.


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