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Omicron 2.0 setting using D&D 3.5, Pathfinder and/or D&D 3e


I am looking to run a cross-dimensional / multi-realm setting, with varying levels of magic and tech depending on region.  This would be some combination of D&D 3.0, 3.5 and/or Pathfinder for the system.  Initially it will probably be tweaked pre-made adventures/campaigns until I get fully back into GM Mode.  There would be limited restrictions on OGL and compatible D20 resources, so long as I have access to the specific resource and it wouldn't be game breaking relative to the system and other resources being used.

For this to work I am looking for a minimum of 4 players with a preferred party size of 6-8 for the initial party.  As for posting frequency I am looking at about once every 2-3 days with two exceptions.  One, so long as the game is moving and out of combat there is no specific set order of posting or absolutely required posting schedule, meaning some may skip posting and/or posting more often than others.  Two, during combat a once per day posting is preferred.

I'm in!

As of now with only one potential player this is unlikely to occur.  I will keep this open for a little while longer in the hope that a few more people will show interest.


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