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Embracing the power of random

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Many years back (*cough* 80s *cough*) I ran a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay games for some schoolmates. If I'm honest, I pretty much winged it most days, using a combination of the main rules and the rather good 'something random happens' table from RuneQuest's Griffin Island. For our group, it seemed that a few ideas from that were enough to riff something together, and keep us entertained over lunch. At least, such are my memories. :)

So, I was rather chuffed to see these gems pop up on my newsfeed:

Both collections of dice driven events. Maybe you'll find them useful to spark some ideas or save time when it comes to creating NPCs.


Is there a d20 version of Warhammer Fantasy? I've seen people play the board game before, but I've never had a chance to get into it as much as I'd like.

Not that I'm aware of, but that's not saying much :) A quick peek on Google shows some house rules to swap it over, but they look very light and unofficial.

Well that stinks. Homebrew it is then!

WHFRP's rules are different from D20. But, I think they are part of the fun of the setting. They can be quite brutal, but they do play differently to level based games. It's more about careers and your experience points can buy you skills, as well as stats. From what I remember, the background is really rich because of the variety of jobs available.


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