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Anyone interested?  :cthulhu:

Either a investigation or a campaign - up to you?

For an adventure, possibly something from Pagan Publishing's Mysteries of Mesoamerica - The Well of Sacrifice looks good.

For a campaign I was thinking of the "new Masks of Nyarlathotep" i.e. the Two Headed Serpent.

Let me know what you think people.

Kitkatman "i miss the chat room"
CG "let me have a look"
Kitkatman "no it ok you have lots to do"
CG "done"
Kitkatman "really that was quick"
CG "your welcome."
 :welcome: :have_fun: :battle: :gameon:
We've got two new games looking for players:

In Search of New Lands is a classic D&D 3.5 game focusing heavily on story, character development and battles. This will be a long game - starting at Level 1 and reaching the highest of levels.

:paladin: :wizard: :elf:

Citizen Alpha is a Paranoia XP game, playing fast and loose with rules, focusing more on story and surrealism.

 :crash: :badger:
We've added a bbcode tag for including Out Of Character (OOC) text in your posts that are collapsed so they don't distract from your game.

You can either use the OOC button (next to the dice icon) or type:

[ooc]OOC text goes here[/ooc]

Which gives you
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This should help with gameplay :D

I'm thinking of running a Paranoia XP game, as I haven't played in a while and I really miss Friend Computer  :crash:

Does anyone else want to run around the Alpha Complex and hunt down muties?
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