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Humble Bundle: Pathfinder 10th Anniversary

What it says on the tin :-)

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Creating characters: players, NPCs, and otherwise

Worth a read, IMHO.

Nothing is more important to a story than its characters. Storytelling, in any culture and in any time period, is at its core about human events. Even if the story tells the deeds of great nations, ideologies or universal truths, the pillars it rests on will always be the characters that move the narrative. A story without great characters is like a house without the people that call it a home.

Writing characters, however, presents one of the greatest challenges in storytelling. And that is due to the peculiar fact that characters are among both the easiest and hardest things to write. What I mean by this is the use of tropes to create...

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Characters: Secrets and lies

IMHO, an interesting article about secrets and role-playing. Ignore the art about D&D, I think the column could be applied to lots of games.

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Lovecraft's birthday

According to io9, it was H P Lovecraft's birthday. With that in mind, and assuming this isn't a ruse to flog some SAN loss inducing products, there's an article on a few eldrich games to entertain, engage, and enchant :)


If we'd like this thread to be a bit more interactive, anyone care to share their favourite Cthulhu related anecdote?

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0-hr: Armada Codex

The newest edition of the 0-hr Codex is now online at RPGNow! This is the first in the alien series and features three "V'lar" organic hybrid designs perfect for Starfinder: the Beetle cargo ship, Manta bomber, and Ox Skull fighter.

The PDF docs with descriptions, maps, and generic stats  are for sale at

A Kickstarter with resin miniatures and poster-size deckplans for these ships is wrapping up Saturday. See for pictures, links, and free Starfinder stat sheets!

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