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Hi folks,

I'm thinking of running a one-on-one game in a rules light setting.It would be set in the future, so robots, ray guns, etc. However, it would have a 30s / 50s feel to it, and would be based in the United Kingdom. Think the old black & white Flash Gordon meets 50s sci-fi features type of thing. The game will have some adult/horror elements to it.

In terms of characters, I'm after every day kinda folk: office worker, parent, shop staff, scientist, teacher, mechanic, police officer, or crook, perhaps. That type of thing.

As the game will be fairly freeform, I'd ask ask you to pick five skills your character is good at. Maybe cooking, fixing things, cu...

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A good while back, I started a freeform roleplaying game here called The Age of Steam.  It had a lot of players and a whole bunch of different plots going on.  It was a really great time and I really love the universe that I created for it.  However...lately I've been a little obsessed with secret organizations and witchhunters and various other groups that are trying to identify, categorize, and deal with the supernatural.    A steampunk version of the Men in Black perhaps. 

This game would have a lot of steampunk gadgets and gizmos.  It would have a lot of airships, steamships, trains, and mechanical horses.  There will be gun fights with members of the occult,  wars with wizar...

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i'm musing on running a cyberpunk 2020 game. yes i know it 2017 and the dark future didn't happen, but it maybe fun to go back to the 90's to play in the future which is the now.  :borg:

if you want to play or have any thoughts on the matter feel free to post.

<----Night City News----. Today will be sunny with a high of 31c with low air quality, Respirators are strongly advised for any one out side. In International News Rebel Forces have reportedly taken positions south of the capital of the New Ugandan Republic. The countries president denies a split with the Militech corporation and say the rebels will be force back soon. In Local ...

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I've added a new bbcode for the site to help GMs show specific instructions (like asking for a dice roll) in their game

[gm]Roll for initiative![/gm]

will give you...

Roll for initiative

I'll try and add a nice little icon next to OOC to make life a little easier - but that might take a bit (not sure where the code is for that one!)
Anyone interested?  :cthulhu:

Either a investigation or a campaign - up to you?

For an adventure, possibly something from Pagan Publishing's Mysteries of Mesoamerica - The Well of Sacrifice looks good.

For a campaign I was thinking of the "new Masks of Nyarlathotep" i.e. the Two Headed Serpent.

Let me know what you think people.

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